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Rector of IUT, prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić awarded students who achieved an excellent result at the Traffic and Transport engineering competition

Rector Of IUT, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić Awarded Students Who Achieved An Excellent Result At The Traffic And Transport Engineering Competition
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Rector of the International University Travnik, Academician, prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić received the students of the Facultes of Traffic and Transport engineering, who achieved excellent results at this year’s “Traffic and Transport engineering competition 2018”, which was held in Bulgaria.

At the competition gathering students from the traffic industry from the region, representatives of the International University Travnik continued to win prizes and cups. The best result was achieved by students Irfan Zec and Zulfo Čajdin, who won the first place in the major case study Case Study, and the main topic was “Smart Cities”. Through the scientific and research work students studied and presented the possibilities of road safety improvement and traffic participants using intelligent devices.

In addition to the “Case study” competition, a traditional knowledge competition was organized where our students won the third place. Students Irfan Zec and Zulfo Čajdin won the third place in the field of “Regulatory and Traffic Management” and “Road Traffic Organization”. Also, third place was won by students Arnela Imamović and Izudin Gazić from the field “Public transport of passengers”, as well as Enis Imamović and Ajla Lupčević from the field of “Optical telecommunication”.

Rector Jusufranić congratulated students on winning the prize and said that they must constantly acquire new knowledge. He stressed that this continued success is the result of a hard and long-lasting work by students, professors and assistants who each year have been increasingly successful in regional competitions. He added that these students are the pride of the International University Travnik.

In recognition of the excellent presentation and presentation of the International University Travnik, rector Jusufranić has rewarded students who achieved remarkable results.

The first place has been won and the cup is a seal and international consultations organized every year by the International University Travnik, where their scientific and research papers are also presented by students in cooperation with the professors. Thanks to the experience in writing and presenting works at international conferences and conferences,the students of the Faculties of Traffic and Transport engineering won the first place at this year’s competition, where more than 700 participants from eight universities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia participated.


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