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Practice of the students of the International University Travnik in the MBC Tourist Association

Practice Of The Students Of The International University Travnik In The MBC Tourist Association
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The students of the International University Travnik continued to practice practice and field teaching. This time, the students of the Faculty of Economics, Department of Tourism and Hotel Management, over the past few weeks, had the opportunity to theoretical knowledge they have learned in class into practice through the work of the Tourist Board of Middle Bosnia Canton.

Thanks to the good cooperation of the International University Travnik and the Tourist Association of the MBC, students are in the framework of practical training visited the most important cultural and historical monuments in Travnik and Fojnica and explore why everyone should visit this important historical sights.

Student Zahid Varupa visited the fortress of Old Town, his counterpart Bekir Krsic visited the Museum and Souvenirs of the Franciscan Monastery in Fojnica, while student Ajla Ganic and Edina Konjalic visited Memorial Museum Birthplace of Ivo Andric.

The students expressed the satisfaction of having the opportunity to practice in the MBC Tourist Association, and especially thanked the Director Miroslav Matošević and the mentor Aldijana Dizdar for their friendly reception and professional work and relationship.

After the practice, Zahid Varupa said that during his work in the MBC Tourist Board he gained new experience and introduced wonderful people and learned a lot about the work of the Tourist Information Center. He also talked to numerous tourists who visited Travnik and were grateful for the useful information they received from the student.

During the study of the Museum and Souvenirs of the Franciscan Monastery in Fojnica, student Bekir Kršić had a chance to talk to the curator of the museum informing him that monks come from tourists from various parts of the world, from Turkey, Canada, USA, to Arab countries, but also that this museum is often visited by researchers as well.

When visiting the museum Kršić met a larger group of tourists from Slovenia. Zavrtanik Smaga, a 62-year-old from Nova Gorica, Slovenia, came to visit the monastery and visit the museum in Fojnica at the recommendation of her friend and her impressions were more than ideal. Finally, Krsic thanked the Tourist Association of MBC for providing practical training. He stressed the pleasure that he had the opportunity to work with tourists and gain a new experience.

Students Edina and Ajla learned from the staff of the Museum of Natural History of Ivo Andrić that the majority of tourists who visit this place have been well informed in advance about the Nobel Peace Prize and his works, given that he wrote in our written word our homeland on every literary map of the world .

They stressed that it is a special feeling to know that the town of Travnik stands out from all others and it just thanks to Ivo Andric, who bequeathed a priceless literary heritage, so tourists want to visit just his birth house.

Edini Konjic liked to have been given the opportunity to feel the charm of talking to tourists who shared her impressions of Travnik. She pointed out she had learned a lot from Aldiana’s mentor, and most of all that little things meant.

Ajla Ganić has not encountered work in the tourist community and tourists so far. He says he learned a lot of important things and found out many useful information that will be of great importance to him in the future. Especially highlights the communication and sharing of information to tourists from different parts of the world.

The International University Travnik will continue to organize practice and field work in the future for students of all seven faculties.

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