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Erasmus + Mobility Program: Students from the International University Travnik visit universities across Europe

Erasmus + Mobility Program: Students From The International University Travnik Visit Universities Across Europe
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The International University Travnik has been part of the Erasmus + Mobility Program for a number of years, where students can visit universities around the world, listen to and take courses at foreign colleges, share experiences and knowledge, and learn about the culture and traditions of other countries.

In the recent period, students of the International University Travnik were in Lithuania, specifically in Kaunas and Vilnius, where they had the opportunity to meet with students from different countries of Europe and even the world.

Lejla Šoto, a third year student of the Faculty of Traffic and Transport engineering, spent five months at the Kazimierz Simonavičius University in Vilnius. She stresses that staying in Lithuania is a beautiful and unforgettable experience to remember for the rest of her life. The Student of the Faculty of Traffic and Transport engineering Travnik says that she learned from her colleagues what Erasmus + offers and that she has decided to take advantage of her opportunity to do so.

Lejla added that the Erasmus + program offers numerous opportunities for all young people.

A third-year student of the Faculty of Economics Travnik, Zahid Varupa, says participation in the Erasmus + mobility program contributes to the development of academic and social skills, expands the scope, enables new academic colleges to be introduced, after which students can apply the acquired skills in their country. Zahid also spent five months at the Kazimierz Simonavičius University in Vilnius. During his stay, he had only positive experiences, and he also had a great number of friends.

Erasmus + mobility program provided the opportunity to travel to other European Union countries. He visited Sweden, Latvia, Estonia and stayed in Italy in Sardinia. Thanks to staying in Lithuania and communicating with students from all over the world, Zahid has also learned several foreign languages. He invited all young students to take part in the Erasmus + program and take advantage of opportunities offered by the International University Travnik.

Selma Goran is a third year student of the Faculty of Economics in Travnik and the next semester will be part of Erasmus + Mobility Program for the first time. Selma will visit Nikolaus Kopernikus University in Poland. She says her colleagues have passed positive experiences and have great expectations.

She added that this trip to Poland was seen as a reward for good results during her studies and she told all future students and brunettes to enroll in one of the seven faculties of the International University Travnik.

Attached is also video material about students who were part of the Erasmus + mobility program.

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