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Conclusions from the 17th International Consultation will be of great importance to the executive authorities in the programming and implementation of development projects

Organized by the Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering and the Faculty of Ecology of the International University Travnik and in cooperation with the academic partners of the Rivers University Latvian, the University Janusz Korczak Poland, the University of Udine Italy and the Ecological Research Institute of Italy, on the Vlašić mountain was held the 17th International Conference “Trends , technological innovations and digitization in traffic, ecology and logistics in the function of sustainable development “.

The main objective of the Counseling was to consider the impact of technological innovations and the digitalisation process on traffic issues, ecology and logistics in the context of reducing the number of killed and injured, improving service quality and increasing efficiency in traffic, ecology and logistics in the function of sustainable development.

According to the rector of the International University Travnik, Academician, prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić, digital technology leads to improvement and acceleration of the traffic process, and thus to the increase of productivity, efficiency, quality of transport, cost reduction and the creation of new services and revenues. Automation as a result of digitization is the process by which something is done automatically, and also the new state of the traffic that is the result of this process. It implies all the measures and processes that reduce the share of human labor in modern production and the provision of traffic services. In the broadest sense, it represents a new era in the development of productive forces by finding a system that increasingly replaces man not only as a source of strength, but also in the functions of perception, memory and decision making.

Rector Jusufranić said that everyone is aware of what the future is about, and that traffic will be fully electrified, automated and connected. The driver will soon be just the transport system operator, and will thus turn into a leisure-time manager who also uses other truck operation, and the transport itself will be with less traffic accidents and much safer.

The overall objective of the BiH transport policy framework is the sustainable development of the traffic system, based on the expected economic and social development of the country, meeting the needs for improved cargo and people mobility, physical access to markets, workplaces, educational centers and other social and economic demands, which should be increased the mobility of cargoes, capital and people in new processes of globalization, deregulation, free markets, integration and others in the field of traffic, added Rector Jusufranić.

The Federal Trade minister Zlatan Vujanovic was also attending the conference, saying that the International University Travnik with this Advisory Council has proven that the academic institution is the maximum responsible and that the academic community is the driver of executive and legislative power on the path of economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the increase of GDP. Minister Vujanovic pointed out that the conclusions from this year’s Counseling will be of major importance to the executive authorities in the programming and implementation of development projects and the reform agenda.

Minister Vujanović added that they are waiting for the operationalization of the funds collected after the amendments to the Excise Law that have exceeded by now a billion KM, which are intended for the construction of Corridor 5C. The construction of highways and the reconstruction of other roads will improve the traffic infrastructure, and thus trade related to the quality, fast and safe traffic of goods, said Minister Vujanovic at the end.

Assistant minister of education of the MBC, Zoran Matošević, said that such consultations are desirable, because during the presentation and lectures there is the exchange of knowledge, ideas and new achievements. He added that this counseling also affects the improvement of the teaching process, given that this year participants were experts, academics, professors and lecturers from all over the world.

Dean of Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering Travnik, prof. Dr. Sinan Alispahić, said that this year’s topic is very current in the context of events at European Union level. The purpose of the Consultation was to consider the analysis of some solutions that could affect the future when it comes to traffic, ecology and logistics processes in the context of security.

Thanks to the International University Travnik, which organizes conferences and consultations each year, Travnik municipality has become a recognizable place in Europe when it comes to education, said assistant mayor of Travnik, Mato Jozak, who expects results from this consultation to contribute to improving living conditions in to the municipality of Travnik itself.

Numerous guests from abroad also attended this year’s Counseling. Highly ranked business community representative from Great Britain, Jörgen Eriksson, said that such consultations are very important for dialogue, because during the presentation they exchange knowledge and experience of experts.

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