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The prestigious award “Achievements 2019” for excellence in Science and Education was awarded to IUT Rector Ibrahim Jusufranić in London

On 12 and 13 April, the prestigious International “Forum Achievements 2019 – Promising Focus Areas” was held by the European Business Assembly (EBA) from Oxford, UK in London, during which the International University Travnik and the Rector, Academician, Prof. dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić received the prestigious award “Achievement 2019” – a memorial medal that recognizes individuals who have made an unremarkable contribution to the development of science and education.

At the Institute of Directors in London, the well-known meeting place of the business elite in Great Britain, the IUT rector Jusufranić was also given special Certificate that confirms that the International University Travnik in the nomination of Science and Education is included in the registry of the best regional enterprises and organizations “TOP-100 achievements”. At the award ceremony, the Nomination Committee Socrates proudly presented the International University Travnik as the leading regional provider of educational service.

The award presented to Rector Jusufranić at the international “Forum Achievement 2019” is evidence that the International University Travnik is recognized as a higher education institution that recognizes excellence, encourages innovative and visionary thinking, broadens knowledge, shares practices and encourages networking within its own and wider academic, but also social environment.The award was also given for the strong position of the International University Travnik in the national market and international sector assessments, the successful implementation of modern management technologies, staff excellence and an effective marketing strategy.

Academician, prof.dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić, was also named “Manager of the Year” for contributing to the development of educational processes. The Achievement Award serves to recognize the excellence of rewards and honors in business and economics, science and education, health, culture and art. This award supports, promotes and develops the best regional companies, institutions and personalities in various spheres of activity by identifying and rewarding excellence and inspiring participants to continuously raise standards of their products and services. The Department of the International University Travnik , consisting of the Rector, Academician, prof. dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić, General Manager Jasmin Jusufranić and Executive Manager Mirsad Imamović participated in a gala dinner attended by business people, academic experts and professionals from around the world focused precisely on improving quality within their own areas of inclusion.

The “Forum Achievement 2019” is a unique platform for international business and professional communication, the exchange of best practices in the management of companies, institutions and cities, as well as promotion of goods and services, and the possibility of a comprehensive improvement of business processes. This forum is aimed at successful innovative companies and agencies, agencies for economic development, regional infrastructure and financial experts, as well as leading regional higher education institutions, emphasizing targeted audiences as important aspects of a modern progressive social structure.

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