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Microsoft Imagine Academy within the framework of the International University Travnik

Microsoft Imagine Academy Within The Framework Of The International University Travnik
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The Travnik International University is launching the Microsoft Imagine Academy, startening on 18.11.2017 to enable its students to acquire knowledge that is needed in the 21st century for success in the business world.

In this way, IUT becomes one of the 16 000 Microsoft Imagine Academies that is located all over the world.

The Microsoft Imagine Academy is a comprehensive program that supports ongoing technological education for students, teachers and other education professionals and encompasses computerized basics of high-level programming, along with cloud and infrastructure management using Microsoft technologies.

Resource programs include access to learning content over the Internet, official Microsoft academic courses, curricula and teaching tools.

By combining education with contemporary technology, the Microsoft Imagine Academy helps within the success and progress of a growing global economy.

Our slogan “For the life full of possibilities” obliges students to provide the latest knowledge and skills that will enable them to continue with higher education and will provide them with jobs that contribute to the economy and their communities. In addition to our diplomas, when we became part of Microsoft’s Imagine Academy, we have enabled our students to embark on a path to technological know-how and industry-relevant Microsoft certifications, with what employees are looking for today, thus enabling our students to succeed in the future,” underlined Akademician, rector of IUT- a, Prof. Dr Ibrahim Jusufranić.

The Academy will provide a comfortable and flexible learning environment where students get a practical experience with the latest technologies to gain a competitive edge in today’s labor market or a next step in their own academic development.

We are aware that more than 50% of today’s jobs require a certain level of technological capability, and this percentage will increase up to 77% over the next decade.

What should be highlighted as an advantage is that our students will receive the exclusion in the labor market and that these certificatications represents the valid official certificates in the field of knowledge of MS Office tools, which are valid all over the world.

For the beginning the Academy will implement courses that aim at achieving productivity in the work of our students. Those are the courses for Microsoft Office 2016, and in the following period we aim to expand this range of courses and offer students all the courses related to Microsoft technologies and certificates. The courses will be held according to the MS curriculum of the Office courses.

Training for Microsoft Office 2016 will take place in modernly equipped classrooms and this group of participants will not exceed 15 students in order to provide as much training as possible to each participant.

In the upcoming period, more information will be available on our website, but also through our standard communication channels.

The Microsoft Imagine Academy also shows on this occasion that the International Travnik University as a higher education institution that is committed to further and more profound knowledge of our students as well as our lecturers in order to achieve full potential.

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