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Professors of the International University Travnik participated in the International Scientific Symposium in Montenegro

Professors Of The International University Travnik Participated In The International Scientific Symposium In Montenegro

Organized by the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the Balkan Science Center of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Agriculture Cacak, the Institute of Fruit Growing Cacak, the Faculty of Agriculture Kosovska Mitrovica, the Faculty of Agriculture East Sarajevo, the Pedagogical Club Tivat and Radio Tivat in Tivat, Montenegro symposium.

The topic of the symposium was “Contemporary trends in science, agriculture and environmental protection”. The symposium was attended by representatives of nine countries, namely Montenegro, BiH, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary, Canada, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. Representatives of BiH are: Academician prof. dr. Rade Biočanin and Doc. Dr. Husein Mehmedović from the International University Travnik. The symposium was attended by professors of the International University  Travnik, Doc. dr. Husein Mehmedović and Academician, prof. Dr. Rade Biočanin, who were also the only representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Professor Biočanin gave a lecture on “Improvement of agriculture in order to achieve 17 goals by the UN and the EU, while Professor Mehmedović gave a lecture on” Regional economic development of the Balkan countries with an emphasis on food production for their own needs and better integration of Western Balkan countries. for the purpose of faster economic development “.

Professor Mehmedović gave a lecture

Within the regular program of the symposium, the book by doc. Dr. Husein Mehmedović “BASICS OF MONETARY AND INTERNATIONAL FINANCE” for the territory of the Republic of Montenegro. In addition to the authors, the promoters also participated in the promotion: Academician, prof. Dr. Dragan Đukić; Academician, prof. Dr. Gordan Karaman; Academician, prof. Dr. Mitar Lutovac; Academician, prof. Dr. Alexandar Semyonov; Academician, prof. Dr. Rade Biocanin; prof. Dr. Radojica Đoković and Dr. Mirjana Milinković.

After the official program of the symposium, the host organized a visit to the Tivat Cultural Center and on that occasion professors from the International University of Travnik were guests in a radio show on Radio Tivat dedicated to the symposium, which read the conclusions of the symposium. Also, a formal reception was organized with Dragan Popadić, director of the Center for Culture Tivat, where prof. Husein Mehmedović donated books to the city library with an agreement for more comprehensive cooperation in the coming period.

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