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Agreement on cooperation signed between the International University of Travnik and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports CBC / CCB

Agreement On Cooperation Signed Between The International University Of Travnik And The Ministry Of Education, Science, Culture And Sports CBC / CCB

Rector of the International University Travnik in Travnik, academician, prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić and the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports CBC / CCB, Bojan Domić, signed the Agreement on Business and Technical Cooperation, which will aim to improve the achieved level of cooperation and create partnerships and joint participation in creation, organizing and implementing various activities and activities for the benefit and benefit of children, pupils, students, teachers and professors, driving schools, primary and secondary schools, faculties and employees of the ministry and the local and regional community and all citizens.


According to the rector of the International University Travnik, prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić, within the signed agreement, the International University Travnik and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports CBC / CCB in the coming period will implement various projects and studies, development, improvement and modernization of driving exams, education and training licensed lecturers, driving instructors, licensed examiners from the theoretical part of the driving test and examiners from motor vehicle management, development and improvement of the modern teaching process, and regional promotion of traffic safety.

Bojan Domić, Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of CBC / CCB, said after the signing of the Agreement that they want to use the professional staff of the International University  Travnik to improve the Department of Driving Schools and Driving Exams within the Ministry.

“Cooperation is in our common interest with a focus on improving the expertise, quality of work and technological progress of professionals who perform training of candidates for drivers and the implementation of driving exams,” said Minister Domić.

With this agreement, it was agreed to hold joint lectures for students of the University, during which students together with representatives of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports CBC / CCB will conduct research at faculties and participate in lectures and in the implementation of individual projects.

Given that the International University Travnik has highly professional, qualified, experienced and internationally recognized and recognizable human resources, it was agreed to make various studies of interest to the ministry and the local community to improve the quality of life of citizens.

Areas of joint cooperation envisage improvement and modernization of the system of conducting driving exams, education and professional training of driving school professionals, licensed lecturers and driving instructors and licensed examiners, implementation and development of traffic prevention such as the use of PC Crash computer program for simulation and expertise of traffic accidents and procedures. expertise, and the implementation of scientific research projects for students in order to develop and improve the quality of secondary and higher education.

The cooperation will be realized through joint organization and holding of meetings with driving schools, representatives of primary and secondary schools and educational institutions for the purpose of education in the field of traffic culture and knowledge of traffic regulations and rules.

The signing of the agreement was also attended by the executive manager of the International University Travnik, Mirsad Imamović, the dean of the Faculty of Transportation Travnik, Sinan Alispahić and the assistant minister of education, science, culture and sports SBK in the Department of Driving Schools and Driving Exams, Šezad Hodžić.

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