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Memorandum of Understanding between the International University Travnik and The University of Georgia from Tbilisi, Georgia

The International University Travnik continues development of the academic internationalization of the teaching and scientific research objectives also within the realized and signed Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Georgia from Tbilisi, Georgia as of 29.11.2017

The international scientific cooperation will be shaped through the implementation of joint research cooperation of scientific interest to both sides; exchange of experience between the Faculty members; exchange of publications and books, along with other scientific literature; exchange of academic staff and students as well as the joint organization of scientific events, with the realization of adjusted activities within future joint scientific-research projects.

On behalf of the International University Travnik, the Memorandum of understanding was signed by Academician, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić and on behalf The University of Georgia it has been signed by both, rector of the University, Prof Dr. Konstantine Topuria and president of the University, Prof. Dr. Giuli Alasania and just after its signing, both universities has approached to the initiative of the implementation of agreed methodological guidelines, through authorized representatives of both sides.

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