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Memorandum of Understanding between the International University Travnik and the University Dr. Tahar Moulay of Saida

Within continuance of immediate international academic educational contacts that are aimed for cooperation, International University Travnik has, since 30.01.2017, established cooperation with University from Algeria  University Dr. Tahar Moulay of Saida. Memorandum of Understanding between universities was signed by, on behalf of the IUT, the Rector, academician, Prof. Dr Ibrahim Jusufranić and on behalf of UTMS, rector, Prof. Dr Tebboune Feth Allah Ouhbi.

The goal of the signed Memorandum is developing of educational cooperation, improvement of academic research and cultural partnerships between universities, with commitment to strengthening of: bilateral cooperation in education at university level; research in the field of engineering, technologies, humanistic and social sciences.

Accordingly, there will be established contacts between faculties of similar or identical curriculum of both universities in order to improve curriculum development, with the aim of improving teaching methodology, technological innovation, research and development, as well as adopting of cutting edge practice.

With the planned joint participation in the organization of conferences, seminars, short- term study programs and bilateral academic meetings of mutual interest, authorized teams for International relations of both universities has entered the immediate realization of possible agreement about exchange of students for an academic 2017/2018 year with the announcement of the signing of Inter-institutional agreement that is aiming towards above mentioned activities.

As of the next academic year is expected students mobility for studies and staff mobility for teaching and training from both universities within the agreed number of applicants and within the adequate programs of study.

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