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Memorandum of Understanding between International University Travnik and University Business Academy in Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia

Through continuance of further development of immediate international academic educational cooperation within the region of Western Balkans, International University Travnik has, since 29.03.2017, established cooperation with university from Serbia – University Business Academy in Novi Sad, Novi Sad, Serbia.

Memorandum of Understanding between universities was signed by, on behalf of the IUT, Rector, Academician, Prof. Dr Ibrahim Jusufranić and on behalf of UBANS, Rector, Prof. dr. Mirko Kulić.

The objective of the Memorandum is to develop educational cooperation, develop of academic research and cultural partnerships between universities, with commitment to strengthening of: bilateral cooperation in education at university level; joint researches between faculties of the same and/or similar academic orientations.

Accordingly, there will be established contacts between faculties of similar or identical curriculum of both universities in order to improve curriculum development, with the aim of improving teaching methodology, technological innovation, research and development, as well as adopting of cutting edge practice.

In the same time, it has been planned joint participation within the organization of conferences, study programs and bilateral academic meetings of joint interest.


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