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International University Travnik organized the XII International Conference “Transitional Challenges in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans Countries with Legal, Economic and Communication Aspects”

International University Travnik Organized The XII International Conference “Transitional Challenges In Bosnia And Herzegovina And The Western Balkans Countries With Legal, Economic And Communication Aspects”

In order to develop and improve the teaching-scientific process and further positive positioning of scientific research qualities within the world’s academic streams, International University Travnik organized the XII International Conference “Transitional Challenges in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans Countries with Legal, Economic and Communication Aspects” the presence of not only researchers and scientists from our country, but also of eminent academic and educational authorities from the region but also from the world.

The main goal of the conference, held on 18.12. and 19.12.2015. in the inspirational ambiance of the “Pahuljica” Hotel in Vlasić, was the consideration of the transitional challenges in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries of the Western Balkans from the legal, economic and communication aspect.


The XII International Conference of the International University  Travnik was realized through the unavoidable and continuous support of the local community, the Travnik municipality, the Central Bosnia canton government and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the SBK, with the introductory words of IUT rector, Akademika, prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić:

XII International conference 2

“Over the past few years, the economies of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkans have been imbalanced, given that this was particularly affected by the economic and financial crisis, but domestic factors contributed significantly to this. Especially a very large and inefficient public sector on the one hand, and on the other, a rather anemic private sector that does not achieve sufficient growth and does not open enough jobs. This implies the need to create a better business environment and conditions for private companies as the primary drivers of the real sector to make better use of their potential and enable economic growth. This is why more flexible labor legislation is needed in order for private companies to adapt more quickly to new conditions. All this has led to numerous challenges, among which the low rate of labor force employment is particularly high as the result of insufficient job creation due to the lack of adequate job creation processes in order to absorb the labor force’s labor force inflow.

Through the presentation of scientific-research opportunities, which are included in the publication of Proceedings of the Proceedings, International University Travnik has created the prerequisites for recognizing possible solutions within the presented possibilities of forming the words of the well-known rector of the IUT.

Promotion of the book “Passenger Transport Systems in Towns”

The conference also focused on the promotion of the book “Passenger Transport Systems in Towns” by the Academy Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić and Gradimir Stefanović, and promoters of the book were prof. dr. sc. Sinan Alispahić, prof. dr. sc. Enes Huseinagić and doc. dr. sc. Danislav Drašković. The promoters emphasized that authors with a lot of knowledge, experience and consistency in the application of certain systems of transportation of passengers to cities exposed the whole issue of the work. All sections – chapters, both in the book as a whole and in some parts, logically complement one another and together form a rounded whole. According to its composition, with numerous cognitions and application examples, the book is a very recent work. In this work, authors have embedded certain thematic units and new aspects of functioning and financing of public urban passenger transport in the world and with new technologies in business and development initiated by IUTP.

International Organization for Public Transport. In this respect, guidelines are provided for solving problems in the operation of public transport in cities, which can only be resolved by a new system of population mobility management, whereby the IUTP requests that by 2050 the number of passengers transported be increased or increased by twice as compared to the present situation.

The book deals with the very current issues of the urban transport system in the context of the new EU policy. The focus is on the application of new technological solutions for sustainable mobility, sustainable transport system in cities, environmental protection and sustainable development. Due to its current nature, this book is specially designed for students of the II and III cycle of study as well as for students and students of the study, staff, engineers, economists and ecologists who are involved in business, planning and development of public transport in any way.

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