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International University Travnik hosts “Mrevuklijada” for the third year in a row

High school students from the Central Bosnia Canton visited the International University  Travnik, which opened its doors and on that occasion learned more about the conditions and manner of studying at this University. Momčilo Sladoje, a professor at the Faculty of Transportation of the International University  Travnik, addressed the present high school students and told the students that the educational process at IUT is aimed at discovering, encouraging and developing student potential and that professors and assistants at the International University Travnik have a developed personal relationship with students who can ask them for any advice at any time.

The students’ visit to the International University of Travnik was organized by representatives of the CBC Student Council Network, who organized an event in Travnik called “Mrevuklijada”, with the aim of “networking” as many high school students as possible and making new friendships. Mrevuklijada is a combination of fun, learning, gaining new experiences and meeting colleagues from other cities in CBC. The manifestation “Mrevuklijada” was supported by the International University Travnik for the third year in a row.

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