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Invitation for participation in professional training to licensed examiners, lecturers, driving instructors and other interested

On 08.08.2020. year (Saturday) and on 09.08.2020. (Sunday) The Ministry of Education, Science, Youth, Culture and Sports CBC , in cooperation with the International University Travnik in Travnik / Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering Travnik organizes a training seminar in the premises of the International University Travnik in Travnik, starting at 10.00 hours.

All interested licensed examiners, lecturers and driving instructors, as well as other interested parties are invited to attend the professional training seminar on the topic:

“Safe driving and behavior at roundabouts”

The outline program of the professional development seminar will be published on the official website of the ministry. For participation in the professional training seminar, a registration fee in the amount of 40.00 BM is paid. Registration starts at 9:00 AM.

The registration fee can be paid upon registration, immediately before the professional training seminar at the entrance to the seminar hall.


We kindly ask all those interested to confirm their presence exclusively via the Email address: [email protected] and [email protected] with the obligatory filling in of the data that we submit as an attachment to this invitation.
The application deadline is no later than Thursday, August 6, 2020. year, until 14:00.
All interested parties from the CBC area will be planned for 08.8.2020. (Saturday), except for examiners and driving instructors who were engaged in driving exams that day (present on 09.08.2020), and from the area of ​​other cantons for 09.8.2020. year (Sunday).
Only registered persons can attend the professional training seminar with the obligation to wear a face mask.

Table: Mandatory completion of data for applying for professional training:



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