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At the International University Travnik marked the beginning of the academic year

At The International University Travnik Marked The Beginning Of The Academic Year
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The inauguration ceremony and the division of the index to newly graduated students at the International University Travnik marked the beginning of the new 2018/2019 academic year. The students, their parents, numerous guests from the public life and media representatives at the beginning of the program addressed an academic, prof.Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić, rector and founder of the International University Travnik.

At the beginning of the speech, rector Jusufranić thanked the students who decided to study at the International University Travnik. He said that the professors, assistants, associates and kind staff of the IUT would do their utmost to convince students of the coming years that they had made the right decision because they would get the necessary knowledge in order to be able to hire and enable existence upon completion of the study yourself and your family.

Today’s entry into the academic world has made the right choice by choosing an institution with recognizable, high quality and innovative study programs that are consistent with quality programs of the most prestigious European and world universities. I have to say that the great challenges you face will be solved by gaining and increasing the new knowledge here at this university, said Jusufranić in his address.

He also stressed that the International University Travnik is working on the Bologna Process, which is being taught by all students in Europe, which requires students to pursue lifelong education and the application of new information and communication technologies whose basic objective is to develop a B&H economy that will be competitive with the best economies in the world .

Rector Jusufranić specifically pointed out the International University Travnik architecture spread over 10,500 square meters and which, not only architecturally, but also functionally overcomes the existing examples of university space, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also in the whole world.

The new building is equipped with modern laboratories, schools, multimedia equipment, appropriate spaces for students and lecturers, as well as other accompanying facilities, and a rich academic library that is useful for gaining more and better knowledge.

Academician Jusufranić told students that in the coming period, the International University Travnik will continue to invest and modernize the scientific infrastructure to follow contemporary trends in science, all of which should contribute to better and better study, and enable students to acquire the most modern knowledge to make the best into the business world that expects them.

At the end of his speech, rector Jusufranić congratulated the students on the beginning of a new and important chapter in their life, a chapter in which they will become academics, which will be of great benefit in the future. At the end of the ceremony, the deans of the seven faculties of the International University Travnik delivered new-listed students of the indexes and wished them much luck in continuing their education.

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