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Immediate field form of practical teaching for students of the Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering Travnik

Immediate Field Form Of Practical Teaching For Students Of The Faculty Of Traffic And Transport Engineering Travnik

Field teaching as a form of extracurricular teaching is pedagogically very effective and interesting, and the main advantage of this form of acquiring new knowledge is bringing freshness in the way of interpreting the material, “tangibility” of what is taught and the possibility of connecting theoretical knowledge with practical examples from life. That is why the field form of teaching is regularly practiced at the International University of Travnik.

Students of the Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering of the International University Travnik, as part of the regular teaching process, realized a direct field form of practical classes on the main road M5 – Travnik-Turbe.

At the Faculty of Transportation in Travnik, within the daily practical application of the theoretical assumptions of the overall teaching, they are constantly working on improving the very important practical knowledge of future traffic engineers.

The practical classes were organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior of the KSF, whose police officers shared their practical knowledge and experience in the application of new technologies. Before the beginning of fieldwork in the premises of the International University of Travnik, students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the work of radar and see the way and procedure of using the breathalyzer.

In the second part of the class, students are with the Dean of the Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering Travnik, prof. Dr. Sinan Alispahić, with appropriate equipment and approval of police officers, stopped and controlled traffic participants.

According to Dean Sinan Alispahić, students can apply the theoretical part of the teaching they have mastered in practice through these practical exercises. Dean Alispahić pointed out that at the Faculty of Transportation in Travnik, they often apply the practice and try to organize as many classes as possible in real conditions so that students understand how necessary it is to know the practical part.

This was a demanding exercise in which the traffic police patrol presented the proper procedure for controlling traffic participants, from stopping the vehicle, treating the driver, to inspecting the necessary documents, equipment and everything that is important when controlling the driver.

The students then had the opportunity to stop the vehicle, then talk to the drivers and point out to them the importance of having proper and prescribed documentation and equipment, and to give them suggestions on safe driving.

This was another successfully implemented field form of practical training, which was realized thanks to the cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of SBK, with which the International University of Travnik has a very good and efficient cooperation that will be continued in the future.

Field teaching compares visual phenomena, processes and transformations with the acquired theoretical knowledge, performs practical research according to a given topic with the use of field tools and aids, and performs a variety of complex, practical and other tasks.

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