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A professor from Lithuania gave a lecture at the International University Travnik under the Erasmus + Mobility Program

Professor at Kazimieras Simonavičius University (Vilnius, Lithuania), Raimundas Kalesnykas, visited the International University Travnik as part of the Erasmus + mobility program and gave interesting lectures to students on the topic: “The latest trends and challenges of international human rights protection in Europe”.

The context of lectures is integrated from the subject of international human rights. During the lecture, great attention was paid to the issues of promoting democracy and the mechanism of human rights protection in the context of the accession of the countries of the Western Balkans to the EU. Through lectures, students had the opportunity to discuss issues such as the importance of applying the fundamental principles of the EU’s human rights policy, dignity, freedom, equality, solidarity, citizens’ rights, justice, and the nature and scope of contemporary international human rights law. The great interest of students was challenged in the discussion of the obligations undertaken by the state of BiH in relation to neighboring countries and EU Member States regarding the application of the rule of law component and the provisions of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU in the enlargement process.

Professor Raimundas expressed satisfaction that a large number of students from the International University Travnik attracted this relevant topic. Also, a professor from Lithuania was surprised by the active engagement of students in discussions, excellent knowledge of legal subjects and good knowledge of English.

Since this was his second visit to the IUT, Professor Raimundas was impressed by the warmth and friendly staff of the IUT International Office and other departments. He emphasized that he was glad that he continued productive cooperation with the modern and innovative International University .

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