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XIV International Conference – “Corporate Security in B&H and the Western Balkan Countries from the Economic, Legal and Communication Aspects”

XIV International Conference – “Corporate Security In B&H And The Western Balkan Countries From The Economic, Legal And Communication Aspects”

In order to develop and improve the teaching-scientific process and further positive positioning of scientific and research qualities within the world academic courses, International University Travnik and the Ministry of Economy MBC in cooperation with academic partners: Faculty of Business Studies and Law, Union Nikola Tesla University Belgrade and European University of Skopje organized the XIV International Conference entitled “Corporate Security in B&H and the Western Balkan Countries from an Economic, Legal and Communication Aspects”.

The conference was held on December 16th and 17th at Mount Vlašić in the hotel “Pahuljica”. According to the rector of the International University Travnik, academician prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić, the main goal of the Conference was to discuss the issues of corporate security in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries of the Western Balkans in the function of solving economic, legal, communication and traffic issues, as well as exchanging the most satisfactory solutions and recommendations in business relations given the current topic, Earth still becomes a worldwide problem.

“Corporate security essentially represents the commitment of the company to contribute to the sustainability of its business and economic development, working with business partners, employees, owners and society in general, in order to improve business, protect its assets and interests,” Jusufranic said.

Special attention at the conference is focused on cooperation with the local community which is necessary in order to connect the private and social sector. Minister of Economy MBC, Sedžad Milanović, told us that 80 papers have been presented, published in the Conference Proceedings. “This conference is about corporate security, and it’s also about corporate governance. Corporate security as one of the branches of national security in its system also includes the public security of corporations of private and state corporations and public institutions. I believe that the results of the conference will help both the economy and public institutions better organize corporate security for their institutions and corporations. ”

In an exceptionally festive atmosphere, academician prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić, Rector of IUT, received the Hero of Science Award with the golden medal of Nikola Tesla, the biggest award of the European Academy of Sciences, awarded by the President of the Academy Prof. dr. Peter Baron Rajačić. At the conference, the IUT rector also received a certificate from the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Awarded plaques to deserving figures

On the first day of the conference, plaques were awarded to meritorious persons: Tahir Lendo, Prime Minister of the MBC; Sedžad Milanovic, Minister of Economy MBC; Admir Hadžiemrić, Chief of Travnik Municipality; Salko Selman, President of the Management Board of the Development Bank of the Federation of BiH; prof. dr. Mladen Bodiroža; prof. dr. Petar Rajačić; prof. dr. Dževad Mahmutović; Prof. dr. Radomir Biočanin; prof. dr. Atanas Kozarev, prof. dr. Husnija Hasanbegovic and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the MBC.

International cooperation

Within the conference were signed agreements with the Association of Corporate Security Skopje, European University Skopje, Faculty of Business Studies and Law and Faculty of Strategic and Operational Management of University “Union – Nikola Tesla” Belgrade, Association for Social Development and Crime Prevention from Mostar and New Security initiatives from Sarajevo.

On the second day of the conference, the presentation of the successfully realized scientific and research project “Media literacy and political manipulation – positions and opposition in the context of development and / or prevention of the development of a healthy society of direct democracy of consciousness – comparative advantages and disadvantages of B&H and Latvia” was successfully completed and implemented During the past year, and who realized, on behalf of the Faculty of Media and Communication, our doctoral candidate, Sabahudin Hadžialić, led the team in which IUT students were involved, and on the other hand, Doc.dr. Sandra Mourinska Gaile in front of the Rezekne Technological Academy from Rezekne, Latvia together with her students.

After completing several months of preparation, coordination and agreement by the teams of the Vilnius University of Vilnius, Lithuania, which is among the 500 best ranked universities in the world and the International University of Travnik, the second day of the Conference was signed the Cooperation Agreement on the implementation of the Master Program II cycle of studies English for MARKETING, MANAGEMENT AND TRADE.

On behalf of the International University Travnik, the contract was signed by the Academician, Rector Prof.dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić, while on behalf of Vilnius University, under the authority of the Rector, the contract was signed by Dean Kaunas Faculty of Humanities, Doc. dr. Kistutis Drianis, who was also presented with a plaque of the IUT.


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