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This scientific meeting was organized with the aim of developing and improving the teaching-scientific process and further positioning of scientific and research quality in the world of academic courses in the field of transport. Organizer of XI. International conference – International University Travnik received the highest marks for organization and successful realization of this important scientific conference. Researchers and scientists from our country, the eminent academic and educational authorities from the region and the world has participated in its work.

In ambiance of hotel “Pahuljica” on Vlašić, on the 22 and 23 May, was presented and elaborated scientific analysis of traffic and environmental problems, in terms of the integration process to the European Union standards. They also exchanged experiences in the field of scientific research, professional and practical knowledge, in order to determine recommendations for solving current problems and their impact on the European integration processes.

The essence of understanding of the interconnectedness of traffic and ecology

At the scientific meeting Jusufranić Ibrahim PhD pointed out the inevitable and continuous support of the local community, the Municipality of Travnik, the Government and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport CBC, and hoping that this eminent conference will held in a constructive scientific debate. Professor Jusufranić highlighted the immeasurable contributions of the Academy of Science from Croatia, Serbia, Europe and the United States, as well as lecturers from renowned universities from around the world. On this occasion, in his speech, academician Jusufranić emphasized that an evident increase in the volume of traffic has the positive effects on the economic prosperity of cities and regions and underlined all the more pronounced negative effects of previous policy in the field of transport, which reduced its importance, growth and development.

“The negative effects are most evident in urban areas. The continuous increasing in the number of residents in cities and the degree of motorization resulted in an increasing traffic congestion in the city network, which is a direct result of increasing the use of cars and the impossibility of further satisfaction of demand for constructing new facilities of the traffic offers the city,” said professor Jusufranić. He commented the causes and consequences of emissions, energy consumption, waste noise, traffic accidents, taking space and time – in an already limited urban areas, which reduces the ability to perform other activities…

“All of this imposes an obligation for transport to uses less energy which has to be cleaner, then better use of modern infrastructure and the need to reduce the negative impact on the environment and the main economic resources in the world, such as water, land and eco-systems,” said Professor Jusufranić and he quoted Theodore Roosevelt, American president from the early 20th century, who once said: “The dissipation and destruction of our natural resources and the depletion of the country instead of increasing its efficiency, to our children it is significantly reduced the possibility of progress, which we enjoy, and we should give it as an even greater and more developed .. “

“I think, more than a hundred years later, we still have to stay on the trail of quoted, but this time with much greater commitment, because time as a resource is running out. Particularly, in the case of the negative impact of transport on the environment and the main economic resources, he said during his presentation, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić.

Through the presentation of scientific and research capabilities, which are covered in the publication of proceedings, International University Travnik has created prerequisites recognition of possible solutions within the valid, presented opportunities to shape what is part of his presentation, said the rector of IUT, a professor Jusufranić.

The New York Academy of Sciences is directed on supporting IUT

During the introductory speech, academician Prof. Predrag Dašić at this XI. International conference took the opportunity to officially make the inauguration of IUT Rector, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić to the members of this prestigious scientific institutions on behalf of one of the oldest academic institutions in the world, the Academy of Sciences of New York (The New York Academy of Science, USA, established back in 1817). Thanks to this extraordinary admission, professor Jusufranić said: “This success is not only personal. It is the result of sustained action by all segments of our university engaged with the basic commitment and the desire to create and transfer of knowledge to students through a variety of innovative forms. ” Professor Jusufranić pointed out that the International University Travnik is different from others because of its ability to improve the appearance, expressed the desire for constant change and innovation in the application of different modalities of education and knowledge transmitted by teachers to students the competencies and skills.

Notice of receipt of Jusufranić PhD in to the New York Academy of Sciences, is published on the first March of this year. On the basis of an insight into the rich biography, references and respectable work of scientific research works and scientific activity during his working life he becomes the member.

This prestigious recognition was made official in the festive atmosphere during maintenance of the XI. International conference. On that occasion, the academician Prof. Peter Baron Rajčić, president of the European Academy of Sciences, innovation and sustainable development and academician Prof. Marko Todorović, chairman of the Board of Academy, awarded Rector of IUT with Diploma Leaders of Balkan for achievements in science, education, the introduction of innovative student projects, in accordance with European standards – and contribution to regional and international cooperation, which is realized through the direct involvement of professors and researchers of IUT.

It should be noted that the importance of recognition and awards for IUT is not only an incentive for the further development of its academic mission, but it is also the support of all employees and associates who constantly improve their own knowledge in an effort to contribute to the betterment of the students’ faith in the prospects. All these activities are immeasurable contribution to community as a whole. The success of the International University Travnik is evidenced by awards and prestigious world and European award in the field of higher education, quality, business reputation and achievements in international intellectual circles. International University Travnik created and creative knowledge network, linking with universities from around the world as evidenced by the signed memorandum of understanding with prestigious universities from Europe, Asia, North and South America.

A vision of success in the field of transport on the XI. International Conference on Vlašić, whose organizer was IUT, corroborated the presence and presentation of works of more than 50 scientific and educational delegates of academic and educational thoughts from around the world.

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