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Agreement on teaching-scientific cooperation

A new agreement on teaching-scientific co-operation between the University of European Vision in Peja and the International University of Travnik in Travnik was concluded at a meeting. This agreement establishes the basis for long-term cooperation in all areas of common interest, particularly in the fields of teaching and research.

Agreement on teaching-scientific cooperation

Collaboration between both Universities should be especially encouraged in the following activities:

1. Joint realization of study programs on academic basic studies, diploma-master studies and doctoral studies.

2. Realization of student mobility of both institutions

3. Engagement of teachers and associates

4. Exchange study materials and information of common interest

5. Exchange of professional literature, textbooks and university publications

6. Cooperation on scientific research projects

7. Cooperation in the field of education, vocational training, professional training

8. Engaging and linking existing staff

9. Organization of joint conferences, symposia, short courses and seminars.

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