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Youth education on traffic hazards

Dean of the Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering at the International University Travnik prof. Dr. Sinan Alispahić and the students of this faculty, in cooperation with police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the SBK, held education for high school students in Travnik within the manifestation Days of the Travnik municipality, and the topics were “Youths – hazards due to unaccounted speed” and “What disturbs us / which makes us in the traffic”.

The problem of the suffering of young people in traffic is constantly present and requires continuous and systematic action by implementing a series of activities based on a defined strategy in solving this problem. Therefore, representatives of the International University Travnik carry out various campaigns and preventive-educational projects in order to raise the level of awareness about the dangers threatening traffic. Hazards due to unadjusted speed,  speed uncomplicated by driving conditions on the road, have been frequent because unaccepted speed and the most common cause of traffic accidents of young people.

According to prof. Dr. Sinan Alispahic, Dean of the Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering Travnik, the aim of this training is to encourage young people to change their behavior and awareness while driving a motor vehicle, as well as recommendations for smart and safe driving. This is especially important for young people on weekends and during night outings. Daily traffic problems that citizens, drivers, pedestrians and other participants face, often provoke disapproval, anger, nervousness and frustration. As a rule, these are current problems related to traffic behavior, often the majority of participants suffer from unwanted behavior or due to incorrectly placed signaling or some concrete solutions on the road. Dean Alispahic emphasized that through education they want to update these problems by pointing out on concrete examples the need for responsible behavior as well as the correct solutions for the application of road signage or other specific problems in order to make participants in the traffic safer and smarter behavior.

Students at Technical School Travnik and School of Economics Travnik attended the educational lecture of eminent transport experts, and listened to the basics of safety and road traffic dangers. On this occasion, the students tested a blood alcohol measuring device and the so-called “drunken glasses” that simulate the state of alcoholism.

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