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With its work and development strategy, the International University of Travnik in Travnik guarantees international cooperation and mobility of teaching staff and students. As a private higher education institution, with a long-term view of survival in a given environment, determined to provide its students with knowledge that will guide their careers, and not just the basis for gaining a degree, it has a difficult task ahead of it – especially without any social support seeks to bring new perspectives on the development of the economy and society. International cooperation requires the higher education institution to implement international and intercultural characteristics in the teaching process, research and accompanying activities, all with the aim of fully involving universities in regional, European and world trends in science, knowledge transfer and higher education.

Mobility and international cooperation are one of the key areas of the Europe 2020 strategy, interspersed with three initiatives in the education chapter. Also, the second Millennium Development Goal, but also Chapter 4 of the Sustainable Development Program until 2030, points out the importance of education and the need for its further development. They are similar

With the above, the University strives, within its capabilities, to monitor and incorporate the world heritage into its own development, but also into its inclusion in society. The fact is that the BiH education system can only progress if it is in line with the requirements of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the European Research Area (ERA). Based on the mentioned documents, but also numerous others, the University Development Strategy was made, from which the Strategy for International Cooperation derives.

The strategy for international cooperation contains the basic principles of international cooperation, vision, mission and goals, both these strategic and those related to international cooperation.

The full text of the International Cooperation Strategy of the International University of Travnik in Travnik can be downloaded in the document International Cooperation Strategy.

Contribution to the Strategy of International Cooperation.


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