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The importance and impact of digitalization and informatization on the economy and globalization, the rule of law and the media were discussed at the XX International Conference

The Importance And Impact Of Digitalization And Informatization On The Economy And Globalization, The Rule Of Law And The Media Were Discussed At The XX International Conference

“Economy and Globalization, Rule of Law and Media in the Conditions of Digitalization in the Western Balkans” is the title of the 20th International Conference organized by the International University Travnik in cooperation with academic partners Ruse Angel Kanchev University – Bulgaria and ESRA University of Audiovisual Arts, Republic Northern Macedonia.

The main goal of the conference was to discuss the importance and impact of digitalization and informatization on the economy and globalization, the rule of law and the media in the Western Balkans. Today’s new economy is closely linked to the strengthening trends of globalization and technology in which digitization will drastically change the world.

-The dominant feature of the information economy is the growing share and importance of knowledge and innovation. Innovation and innovation are the core of the functioning and development of the information economy. It is difficult in the history of mankind to identify a similar invention that has had such an impact in so many human activities as the creation of the information economy, which allows users to participate in the rapidly changing world. – said at the opening of the conference academician prof.dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić, Rector of the International University in Travnik.

As for Bosnia and Herzegovina in the conditions of digitalization, the goal is to become an advanced IT society, says academician Jusufranić, and adds:

-BiH should develop in the direction of a knowledge society with an emphasis on creating a super fast internet infrastructure, and from a political and economic point of view try to create competition in such a society which inevitably leads to changes in the education system by increasing IT literacy at all levels. which would ultimately lead to such a system for BiH to become a country where people live and work better. – concluded academician Jusufranić.

The Conference was also attended by the Federal Minister of Trade Zlatan Vujanovic, who in his address to the guests said that the International University of Travnik has been gathering experts from various fields from across the region for ten years and exchanging knowledge and experience. in the countries of the Western Balkans.

After the introductory speech, the promotion of Rector Jusufranić’s book entitled “Tariffs and prices in traffic” was held. The XX International Conference was attended by the Mayor of Travnik, Admir Hadžiemrić, the Mayor of Novi Travnik, and many professors, guests and experts from the region.


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