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Dear students,

Welcome to the academic world and ours, and from today and yours International University Travnik. It is our immeasurable joy because you have chosen us for the acquiring your knowledge and academic degrees. We are confident that your decision to study at our university encouraged your knowledge about us, our successes in a number of recognizable graduates, postgraduate and doctoral students. On the successes so far, in the first place we must thank previous generations of students, our hardworking and industrious professors, assistants and associates. I take this opportunity, as rector and professor at the University, to thank them for the previous results and affirmation of our University.

In a relatively short period, since its foundation, our University became known beyond the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina. About this recognition speaks many international awards, from Socrates in Dublin, Vienna, Rome, Zagreb, Belgrade, and signed international protocols on cooperation with world-renowned universities, international student exchanges and other.

Each of our student in the teaching process, teaching assistants and professors, student services, heads of post-graduate and graduate students and deans are you always at your service. You are here in order to acquire knowledge, and we are here for you. We are aware of the difficulty of the work, but with the joint efforts we can solve them. Be sure that you and the faculties of the International University Travnik, where you study, are in the first place.

Dear students,

Remember! You need to learn constantly. It asks the European system or as we call Bologna educational process and because the technology is changing rapidly and statute of limitations.

For you it is important to know that the skills are learning. If you besides your knowledge do not have skills you are not capable and unusable. You must know what’s waiting for you in your life. You have to have the motivation and the theoretical and practical knowledge. One without the other is not working. In life you must know that the biggest risk is not to accept any risk. You do not become accidentally successful because it achieves by working and learning. If you think positive, you will attract life in such events. You must know that three ways leads to wisdom: thinking – what is most important, nurture – it is the easiest and experience – what is most unpleasant.

The proverb says that to the goal is leading a thousand ways, and from goal only one. If you are not useful to anyone you have to know that you are not worthy to anyone. You worth as much as you are necessary and useful to other, and that we can not achieve without the involvement in the community life.

For success in life besides education it is needed: teamwork, sense of organization and operation of the Internet. In order to survive in the market either alone or in the company you have to know how decisions are making. It is vital to know that decisions are making quickly, correctly and quality. For the implementation of these decisions you need to know to communicate. Firstly you need to understand communication and to negotiate. Considering that problems occur at any moment they must be notice quickly, and quickly and accurately resolved.

Today’s society demands from you to, besides your profession, you must have other qualifications, and that is that you are determined, you’re good at independent and team work, quickly solve problems. You are required to you creative, to always think and think how to be even better. You need to know how to learn and how our brain works. Some things are remembering in the long term, and some in short-term. Often students come to the exam and says’ ‘I taught, but I forgot’. However, it is important to know how to learn.

Finally, once again I am expressing my satisfaction with your choice to study at the International University Travnik, I wish you good health and successful study.

Dear students,

I wish you a successful start of the new academic year, happiness in life and much success at our International University Travnik in Travnik.




Prof. Dr. sci. Ibrahim Jusufranić


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