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Newly enrolled students of the International University of Travnik were given indices

Newly Enrolled Students Of The International University Of Travnik Were Given Indices
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The beginning of the new academic year at the International University Travnik in Travnik was marked with a solemn class and the distribution of the index to newly enrolled students. At the beginning, the rector of IUT, academician, prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić, who told the students that they made the right choice by choosing an institution with recognizable, quality and innovative study programs, which are equal in quality to the programs of the most prestigious European and world universities.

Thanks to the knowledge and skills that you will acquire at IUT, all doors will be open to you everywhere, which creates the preconditions for you to be useful both to your family and to society as a whole. Rector Jusufranić pointed out that many graduates today are successful people thanks to the knowledge and skills they acquired at IUT, because the International University Travnik offers a wide range of knowledge and skills that will be useful for successful work.

“The mission of IUT is to constantly educate young and quality experts in the field of technical, environmental and social sciences by constantly innovating teaching contents with the application of modern methods, educational techniques, through the research process,” said Rector Jusufranić.

In the end, he congratulated the students on the beginning of a new and important chapter in life, a chapter in which they will become academic citizens, which will be of great benefit to society as a whole.

After Rector Jusufranić, the present students were addressed by the Assistant Minister of Education CBC, Zoran Matošević, who pointed out that young people are the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina and that they should use their knowledge to study to improve the development of the economy and society in their country.

After the ceremony, the deans of all seven faculties of the International University Travnik handed out the indexes to the newly enrolled students and wished them the best possible success during their studies.

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