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The Mission of the University:

Educate a versatile, socially responsible and professional graduate, capable with facing complex problems of economic and social development. Provide quality and effective education at all levels of academic studies and focus on education through flexible learning methods and the acceptance of new trends in education. In order to develop creativity and critical thinking of students, IUT teachers actively work methodologically and teach with different technical aids, with internet, real life examples and business practices. Classy classrooms with lots of participants and uniform lectures are replaced by smaller groups, with active round table discussions, as well with field teaching, individual counseling and clarification and learning through various tasks and projects. Developing and introducing new models of education and creating a climate of success and high expectations through the promotion of European dimensions in higher education and international cooperation as well as the development of scientific and research careers with increased scientific production. In its strategy, the IUT has set up a mission and training of young people for practice, as well as scientific research. Student practice has an impact on student recruitment after completion of the study while the practice itself undoubtedly strengthens the practical skills, abilities and knowledge of students. Practice is included as an obligation within all study programs.

Today’s continuous development of new forms of knowledge transfer is based on the extensive use of modern information and communication technologies and tools. One of the forms of knowledge transfer finds support in a blended learning model. Blended learning is one of the ways in which institutions can prepare for the next era in education. It offers a chance to combine face-to-face and online lectures and learning. This includes different methods of learning and instruction (lectures, discussion, practice, reading, games, case studies, simulations), different methods of performance (live from classroom or by the computer), different scheduling (synchronous and asynchronous), and different levels of leadership (Individually, instructors or leading experts, or group and / or social learning). This will bring the transformation of university education into the context of global economic changes caused by the information revolution that will lead to the new role of the university for society in the coming period.

The personal contacts of professors and business sector representatives are a good way for professors to find out what the job market situation is and about new practices and new trends. We call the representatives of the business sector as special lecturers.

Alumni Associations (graduate’s association of IUT) are a very useful source of information on the relevance of study programs in the labor market. Especially when recently graduated students estimate their acquired knowledge, skills and abilities in the best possible way. Alumni association is obliged to consult when a study program is reviewed.

We particularly emphasize that on this University it is enabled to study as distance learning a relatively new form of learning in order to provide students who are not able to regularly attend lectures, with the possibility of learning with “time and space” shift, the student most convenient time and place.

One of the strategic guidelines of the IUT is to provide a modern, creative and professional concept of performing the program. Integrated education – knowledge, skills and competences from different areas enables students training to be directly involved in the profession for which students are educating. Today’s dynamic business environment requires professionals who are able to track changes that are relevant to all types of business. Our educational process is focused in the direction of discovering, stimulating and developing the potential of students.

The aim of the IUT is to harmonize teaching and scientific plans with the needs of the labor market in B&H and to build the best paths in the labor market. Continually increasing the quality of the education process in order to align these knowledge and skills to the needs of the labor market and in particular their incorporation into the reform project in the area of socio-economic development of B&H in the context of EU accession.

Education at the IUT has to offer skills that will young people use in developing creativity, innovation and communication skills that will contribute to the creation of a knowledge society as well as strive to build young people’s creativity, skills and innovations in order to be more easily involved in economic and social streams after the end.

Management of IUT develops the methodology of curriculum finishing in order to modernize and adapt teaching to the environmentally sustainable development of the local community. Particularly the basic model of adaptation of teaching contents, is defined, which corresponds to the requirements arising from the development policy in B&H, and based on the stronger role of the university in the stimulation and implementation of important projects.

Human resource enhancement and human resource transformation by strengthening the research approach to programs is tailored to our educational standards, which is at the same time the most important goal of our University.

The International University Travnik is based on the most important experiences of leading European and world universities with the consistent application of the Bologna process. An important segment of the Bologna Process is lifelong education and the application of new information and communication technologies whose main goal is to develop our economy and competitive economy, which, in turn, leads to the development of the wider social community.

Collaboration with universities around the world, from Europe, South and North America to Asia, supports the fact that we have been in the forefront and the further development of scientific-research cooperation that has strengthened the methodology of launching projects within several IUT faculties since 2015/2016.

Therefore, the University’s own development strategy, focuses on:

  • Modernization of curricula and introduction of new methods of teaching and forms of work,
  • Securing modern infrastructure and equipment,
  • Encouraging graduation in the study period,
  • Connection of teaching with scientific research work at all levels of education,
  • Permanent renewal and rejuvenation of teaching and scientific staff,
  • The objectification of Student Assessment,
  • Increasing the number of highly educated citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina and aligning the enrollment policy with the needs of the labor market,
  • Opening new study programs in accordance with market needs and the requirements of modern technology.

The vision of the University:

By planning and realization of teaching and research-development activities and other forms of work with students, the International University Travnik wants to build an image of the institution that will become a significant factor in local and regional development through the cantons, the Federation and the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Active co-operation with business partners will demonstrate their public accountability and contribute to the realization of the knowledge society. The overall strategic goal of Higher Education in FB&H, as an integral part of B&H’s overall education system, is to ensure the fulfillment of the needs of all subjects and users in higher education, the integration of the Higher Education system in to international development directions, especially in the Bologna Process implementation processes To the EU Member States, which aspires to the entire community as the ultimate goal of social reform. By including in the EHEA, as an equal partner and part of the overall system, equal social opportunities will be ensured for all student categories in the FB&H and will increase the level of public accountability of higher education to the wider public. By accepting the Bologna Declaration, the International University Travnik assumed the obligation to adapt its current model and higher education system and to involve all relevant subjects in the processes and activities initiated by it. Considering that the aim of the International University Travnik is to remain as an elite research university with self-productive, combined with historical reputation, research performance and quality of student status.

Our vision is to create a university with a global reputation for academic excellence and to create the assumptions of the knowledge society in the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, as well as to focus on the European and world levels of excellence, skills and design of the university at the global level of academic recognition. We also want to ensure sustainable and globally participated through an approach of innovation, integration and inspiration.

Within the future development of the university we will focus on the following:

  • Creating the preconditions for forming highly satisfied students with a strong sense of belonging to the community in which they live and work.
  • Involve a bigger number of not only domestic but also international academic staff, who will recognize the university as a counterpart of work, development and progress, and increasing number of student enrollment from Europe and the world.
  • Attract more students on postgraduate studies that will be attracted by the attractiveness of both educational and scientific-research intercultural competencies.
  • Develop strong philanthropic support with a focus especially on those students with extraordinary research capabilities.
  • Further development of distance learning within e-education that is consistent with everyday changes in the usable new technologies within the aforementioned realization.
  • Establish and develop the university as a higher education institution as an excellent interactive place within internationalization both in the educational and the scientific-research process.
  • In order to achieve internationalization at all cycles of studies, introduce teaching in English.
  • Organize joint study programs with renowned international universities on all cycles of studies to enable students to acquire double degrees.
  • Modernization of curricula and launch of new study programs in line with the needs of the labor market and the demands of modern technology.
  • Encourage and strengthen student practices within all study programs so that graduate students are competitive and capable of working in the economic and social sectors.

The International University Travnik is focused on contributing the local, regional and global community through the concrete realization of a higher education process that is constantly developing and advancing through integration and innovation through inspirational forms of dissemination and application of knowledge and skills. In the period ahead, we will create appropriate assumptions for the implementation of innovative partnerships with business and social subjects, with a continuous focus on sustainability and further development of the academic appearance of all study programs, with a developmental and sustainable attitude toward environmental protection, with the city of Travnik as a city of science and knowledge.

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