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Lifelong learning promotes a continuous approach to learning and education in order to acquire new and renew already acquired knowledge and skills, necessary for participation in work and competitiveness on the labor market. Back in 2006, the European Union defined eight key competences for the concept of lifelong learning:

– communication in the mother tongue,
– communication in foreign languages,
– mathematical competencies and basics of science and technology,
– digital competences,
– learn to learn,
– social and civic competencies,
– sense of initiative and entrepreneurship,
– cultural awareness and expression in the field of culture.

Therefore, our team of eminent university professors of Bosnia and Herzegovina, masters and doctors of science in the field of economics, law, informatics wants to join the efforts to constantly improve the competencies and knowledge of individuals in order to improve their own competitiveness in the labor market and the competitiveness of the enterprise in which they operate.

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