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The work of the library is regulated by the Rulebook on the work of the library. The library performs its activities in accordance with the Law on Library Activities, and according to the standards governing affairs, personnel and technical conditions, and their basic task is (Article 4 of the Rules of Procedure of the library):

  • Collection and organization of library materials and harmonization of procurement with the needs of users,
  • professional and technical processing, storage, and implementation of measures for the protection of library materials,
  • production of bulletins, catalogs, bibliographies and other information aids,
  • participation in the development of group catalogs and databases,
  • enabling accessibility of library materials and information to users according to their needs and requirements,
  • ensuring the use and lending of library materials, and the flow of information,
  • encouraging and assisting users in choosing and using library materials, information aids and resources,
  • keeping documentation on materials and users,
  • monitoring of publishing activity in the country and abroad.
  • performing bibliographic – informative activities,
  • user education,
  • cooperation with libraries within the library system of BiH.

The library space consists of three parts, namely the library, the reading room and the auxiliary library. The total area of ​​the library is 68.72 square meters, the total area of ​​the reading room is 80.37 square meters, while the total area of ​​the auxiliary library is 20.15 square meters. The library space and reading room are adequately equipped to benefit students as well as administrative staff.

The right to use the University library under different conditions have (Rulebook on the work of the library, Article 13):

Students of IUT, ie faculty,
teachers, associates and scientists of the University,
other employees of the University,
teachers, associates and scientists from other higher education and scientific institutions,
external users.

University students can also use the e-library ( Within the e-library, access to the collection of textbook editions of all seven faculties of the University is provided. Books in full text can be searched by author name, title, keywords and year of publication. The development of the e-library continues and it is planned to store other published works of the University. “E-library” is a digital offer of the library, and this service allows you to borrow digital media for a certain period of time, such as e-books, e-audio by simply downloading them from our e-library

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