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Invitation to International Competition – Creative Shock 2017

Dear students, We are writing on behalf of Creative Shock 2017, an  international social business case competition organized by the  Students’ Association of ISM University of Management and Economics.

Last year Creative Shock attracted 1291 participants from 91  countries. This year we are dedicated to going even further and for  that to happen we need you and your students!
We want to invite students of Internacionalni univerzitet Travnik, to  participate in the competition as we see this to be a perfect  opportunity for them to apply the skills they gained at your  university and widen their knowledge about social businesses. In  addition, this is a possibility for the students to see the impact of  their work as two out of four cases are real-life problems later  solved by social entrepreneurs using the solutions provided by the  teams.
More about the competition:

Creative Shock attracts youth from all over the world to educate them  about the concept of social business, its implementation, and impact.  The competition consists of 3 stages:

During the 1st stage, teams of 3-4 students or individual students  register, and have to solve a social business case prepared by our  intellectual partner.
During the 2nd stage, teams have to create a low-budget marketing  campaign for Lithuanian or international organizations and present  them through short and unique videos.
The last stage will take place on November 30th – December 3rd at ISM  University of Management and Economics, where TOP 10 teams will be  competing for the Grand Prize – 2000 euros and Turkish Airlines  tickets to any country of their choosing. During the 3rd stage, we  will also have an international social business conference hosting  famous social entrepreneurs.

We kindly ask you to spread the word about Creative Shock 2017 among  your students via your website, Facebook, e-mail or any other channels  of communication.

Register as a team or individually at until the  8th of October.

Registration starts on the 18th of September and lasts until the 8th  of October.

Yours Sincerely,

Creative Shock 2017 team

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