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The Institute of the Faculty of Transportation Travnik in Travnik (hereinafter the Institute) as a sub-organizational unit of the Faculty of Transportation Travnik in Travnik has existed since 2010. Through many years of active work and work of all its experts and associates, the Institute has developed into a modern and potent team that follows all European and world trends, develops activities and expands professional and technical capacities in the field of traffic and traffic systems with all associated elements.

From today’s point of view, the Institute is an associate of the competent state institutions, but also of private companies in the realization of projects in the field of transport.

Also, in their work so far, experts and associates of the Institute have prepared and published a large number of research, projects, studies, studies and expertise. The work of the Institute’s employees is based on current and highest business standards, with the use of the most modern tools of ISO international standards in the business of the collective. The motivation of our staff is manifested through daily education and acquisition of new knowledge and skills in the home field. The imperative of our employees is the realization of all contracted tasks in accordance with the planned goals and interests of clients.

The strategic business and social goal of the Institute is to be an active participant and factor in improving the condition and development of the traffic system of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region as a scientific and professional institution.


Having in mind a wide range of jobs, ie a very represented area of ​​transport in the modern way of life and work,

The Institute of the Faculty of Transportation Travnik in Travnik offers its clients a very wide range of services.
Our scientific and professional team of clients, with a guarantee of quality and professional relationship in the implementation of projects, can offer the following services:

traffic safety studies in urban areas;
studies for ecologically cleaner and healthier way of life in urban areas;
research and improvement of traffic safety risk management;
studies – projects of connection (access) to the public road;
traffic-transport engineering;
educational-professional approach in solving problems related to traffic safety;
design and installation of traffic signals and equipment on public roads;
studies on protection and safety of traffic and transport;
expertise and expert analysis of traffic accidents and prevention of traffic accidents;
traffic safety management and research studies;
audit and inspection of traffic safety;
education and prevention in traffic and transport;
safety and environmental studies in traffic and transport;
organizing seminars, round tables, debates, workshops, symposia and other events;
interpretation and analysis of existing regulations in the field of traffic safety and protection and in the field of environmental protection;
case studies – analyzes of vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists, children, disabled people, etc.);
consulting and advisory services in the field of transport and environmental protection;
development of projects in the field of comfortable and safer living in urban areas;
development of projects in safety and environmental protection in traffic and transport;
damage estimates of motor vehicles, trains and other vehicles, etc.

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