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At the Faculty of Media and Communications studies are managed in two models: 3 +2 +3 and 4 +1 +3 which means 3 or 4 years of undergraduate program, 2 or 1 year of master program and 3 years of doctoral program. Student can choose the model by which he wants to study at every department.

Program of Communication is for those who wants to practice business related to different kinds of communication such as: corporate business in companies, PR offices, marketing, public and political  activity, research on public opinion,  new information technologies, administrative and organizational business.

Undergraduate degree programs (I cycle; 3+2+3 and 4+1+3) are:

  • Communications
  • Media and Journalism

Postgraduate master programs( II cycle; 3+2+3 and 4+1+3) are:

  • Communications
  • Media

Postgraduate doctoral programs (III cycle; 3+2+3 ili 4+1+3) are:

  • Communications
  • Media


This program enables acquiring knowledge and skills needed for everyone whose job is connected to some kind of  communication with people and public. Program will enable student to become corporative managers, PR and marketing experts, event managers in private and public offices, employed in political parties, local autonomy and enterprises, touristic and cultural workers in places of political decision making and administrative managing, employee on business of political marketing and public relations.

Media and Journalism study program is for those students who are interested in journalism, television and radio work, and Internet. Students are prepared for the world of professional journalism through acquiring skills and knowledge such as: ability to find relevant  press news  and corners of  reporting, organization and planning of journal work, skills of collecting information, ability of choosing relevant information, ability of  presentation  information in effective journalist form.

After finishing this program students can work as a reporters, editors, research journalists, television and radio managers, producers,  reviewers,  media consultants, professional trainers in the field of media relations and media analysts.

Professional or academic title awarded upon completion of the program:

Undergraduate degree program (I cycle):

  • Bachelor (baccalaur – es/eus – of media and communication with specification of 180 ECTS or 240 ECTS and finished program

Postgraduate master program (II cycle):

  • Master of media and communication with specification of finished program

Postgraduate doctoral (Ph.D.) program (III cycle):

  • Doctor of journalism science with specification of finished program
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