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At the Faculty of Information technologies studies are managed in two models: 3 +2 +3 and 4 +1 +3 which means 3 or 4 years of undergraduate program, 2 or 1 year of master program and 3 years of doctoral program. Student can choose the model by which he wants to study at every department.

Undergraduate degree programs, postgraduate master program, postgraduate doctoral (Ph.D.) program (I, II, III cycle; 3+2+3 and 4+1+3) are:

  • Information technologies
  • Computer systems and networks
  • Software programming


Upon completion of the first cycle of the Faculty of information technologies, in accordance with the program of studies, the student acquires the competence necessary for the design, implementation, maintenance and security of business information systems and management information systems and projects of middle and high level of complexity, and the possibility of continuing higher education in the second cycle of study. Competences acquired by study program content in accordance with this program can be divided into general and special. The aim of the study program is to educate professional who has the necessary knowledge of basic IT disciplines and specific skills for understanding business processes in various industries, which in a way designs, develops and uses modern information technology.

Professional or academic title awarded upon completion of  the program:

Undergraduate degree program (I cycle):

  • Bachelor (baccalaur – es/eus – engineer of information technologies with specification of 180 ECTS or 240 ECTS and finished program

Postgraduate master program (II cycle):

  • Master of information technologies with specification of finished program

Postgraduate doctoral (Ph.D.) program (III cycle):

  • Doctor of information science with specification of finished program
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