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Exchange student is a student (officially registered in a university or other higher education institution) who temporarily lives in a foreign country and attends courses or is involved in other academic activities. The exchange period lasts minimum 6 months and maximum 10 months. The exchange student does NOT receive a diploma from the host university in a case that tuition fee is paid to the home university. However, all academic results will be sent to his/her home university (transcript of records). Tuition fee is paid to the International University of Travnik either it is based on agreements made between students home university and IUT and/or signed contract and sending institutions/organisation/company. Within Erasmus+ programme, all is based on already signed Inter-institutional agreement between IUT and sending institution/university.


You have shown the interest for exchange mobility! Good start!

Check with your International Relations Office the procedure for exchange mobility within Erasmus+ or any other programme. Your home university can nominate you for your student exchange period at the International University of Travnik by contacting our International relations office.

Fill in required application form and collect needed documents as specified in instructions.

Application needs to be sent to the Faculty/Institue at the International University of Travnik  or its central office (we suggest previous contacts with the Faculty/Institute to be made).

Complete application will be studied by the International University of Travnik  (and its host member institution that you have applied for).

After the consideration, International University of Travnik will inform you about exchange.


If you express an interest to be an exchange student at the International University of Travnik, you need to prepare certain documents, fill them in and have them signed by your home university representative(s). Next step is to send it to central International Relations Office of the International University of Travnik.

Application documents are:

1. Application Form(can be found at here: _______________________________________________, needs to be filled, signed and stamped by home university),
2. Learning Agreement(can be found here:_______________________________________________________, needs to be filled, signed and stamped by home university),
3. Motivation letter,
4. Recommendation letter(preferably from your professor who is familiar with your academic achievements and/or person who is familiar with your work experience – supervisor, etc),
5. Transcript of records,
6. CV(Europass format),
7. Passport (scan),
8. B/C/S or English Certificate(to prove your knowledge of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian or English language in order to receive lessons instructions properly) – Commmision established by International University of Travnik will have to confirm mentioned certificates as well.

Documents are to be scanned and sent by email or by post mail. Before sending, please check with faculty/academy’s representatives whether there is a need for any additional documents and to determine the way of sending the documents.

If and when you receive acceptance answer, you need to bring:

9. Birth Certificate(valid document that gives information about your birth data).
10. Proof of non-criminal record(needed for regulating residence permit)
11. Student visa(if you own a passport that requires visa to Bosnia and Herzegovina, you need to regulate that before entering this country).

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