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At the International University of Travnik registration process is, in general, unique within all faculties. What candidates will surely need to take from home before arrival is:
Check for any additional documents with faculties of the International University of Travnik. These documents must be issued by official services (before arrival) and translated in English by the official court interpreter. The coordinator at the International relation office in charge in outgoing and incoming students  guides the exchange students through the process of enrolment/ registration at the faculty’s student service.

The International Relations Office of the International University of Travnik organizes welcome days for foreign students in specific mobility programs at the beginning of each school year. International students will be arriving in different periods, so for the time being there is no specific date for a welcome day for this program. However, the IUT’s International Office is there to support logistically all incoming students upon arrival and during their stay.

Before or during their application for the exchange period candidates are advised to contact the administration of a specific Faculty and ask for course descriptions they are interested in as well as to enquire about the language of instruction and other conditions for academic mobility. If the course you want to do is only held in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language, the International Relations Office will try to help you with arranging consultations, literature and exams in English, by contacting professors who are willing to help you. Also, International University of Travnik are within the process in 2015 to organise courses of Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian langugae for those students who express the interest for mentioned.  Classes are organized for the small groups who are being taught Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian for the improved daily communications.

With your Letter of Admission you also receive an application form for a student Index-Grade Book. An Index-Grade Book is a small, dark blue handbook in which all your grades will be written by professors. Every student has one. When you arrive in Travnik, you will need to buy Index-Grade Book at the IUT”s Students service. The Index-Grade Book identifies you as a student at the University and you must remember to bring it when you sign up for and sit your exams.

Faculties at the International University of Travnik require that you register for exams. When you begin your studies, we recommend that you inquire about how and when to register for exams in the Faculties where you are studying. Note that the procedure and deadline may vary depending on the department. It is extremely important that you register correctly and in due time for exams as you will otherwise not be allowed to take the exam(s). At the International University of Travnik students are assessed after taking one of the following types of examinations or active participation. In addition, some courses may require the successful completion of written as well as oral assignments during the semester.

Academic performance is either graded according to the 6 – scale (55 grades and above as equivalent in 100 System) or evaluated by a pass/fail. If your home institution requires that all your work be evaluated according to the 6 – scale this may be arranged with the lecturer. After completing your period of study at the International University of Travnik, you will receive a transcript of your academic record (please also refer to the chapter on Transcript of Academic Record). A 5 -10 grading scale is used at the International University of Travnik (with 6 as a pass level).

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