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Education at the Faculty of economics is structured on 3+2+3 or 4+1+3 system according to the Bologna Process where three or four years  stands for undergraduate studies,  two or one year stands for master studies and finally three years stands for doctorial studies or PHD studies.  Student has the autonomy to choose which model to study in all study programs.

Undergraduate degree program and courses (I cycle, 3+2+3 and 4+1+3 ) are:

  • Banking and insurance
  • Finance, accounting and auditing
  • Entrepreneurship and self-employment
  • Business economy
  • Marketing and trade
  • Management in tourism
  • Business management

Postgraduate master  programs (II cycle,  3+2+3 and 4+1+3) are:

Postgraduate doctoral programs (III cycle, 3+2+3 and 4+1+3) are:

  • Economics
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing and trade
  • Accounting and auditing
  • Finance, banking and insurance


Program of management is for those who want to combine analytical economic and business knowledge with practical and management skills. This program educates students for future managers and business analysts with knowledge of business process logic. Future managers are educated through different quantitative subjects for using analytical methods and techniques in contemporary business management. With appropriate informatics knowledge or efficiency of using software tools which supports using mathematical and statistic methods and techniques students achieve efefficiency in decision making process.

Study program of economics educates experts for different aspects of practicing economics such as empirical analysis, micro and macro economic modeling, anticipating of economic  flows, role of country in economy,  business of central bank, insurance companies, pension funds,  advisory  roles of  legislative and  political power. Among this basic economic knowledge, students are  educated tthrough quantitative subjects and  different kinds of software tools  for using analytical methods and techniques in macroeconomic analysis and modeling.

Professional or academic title awarded upon completion of  the program:

Undergraduate degree program (I cycle):

  • Bachelor (baccalaur – es/eus of Economics with specification of 180 ECTS / 240 ECTS and finished program

Postgraduate master program (II cycle):

  • Master of Economics with specification of finished program

Postgraduate doctoral (Ph.D.) program (III cycle):

  • Doctor of economic science with specification of finished program
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