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The development strategy of the International University Travnik in Travnik for the period from 2017 to 2021 was created as a product of exceptional cooperation between management and all employees and harmonization of proposals of a large number of consumers of our services. This refers primarily to students, teachers, other employees, professional institutions in the FBiH, BiH, but also to the local community, that is, Travnik Municipality and MBC. After months of preparation, agreement, consultation and exchange of views of all participants in the scientific-teaching process at the University and defining the final views of the members of the collective, we have offered this final version of the strategy.

In order for the strategy to be effectively implemented, it should be accepted by all of ourconsumers, namely, employees, direct users-students, the public, the media and finally the educational authorities. According to this strategy, all activities, foreseen deadlines and set goals, as well as evaluation of realization and achievements, will be implemented through action (operational) plans. The development strategy is an opportunity to realistically evaluate the effectiveness of the academic concept of the University on the basis of success indicators, but also to make qualitative and quantitative corrections on an ongoing basis. This provides the basis for taking the next steps in terms of improving and ensuring quality at the University.

The main strategic tasks envisaged for the 2017-2021 time horizon are:

Establish lifelong learning programs;
Quality assurance system;
Introduction of multidisciplinary study programs;
Increasing student activity;
Increase of scientific research activities, quality of research and number of active scientific research projects;
Investing in intellectual capital;
Investing in physical resources and managing financial resources;
Strengthening of cooperation with business and other subjects in the planning, organization and implementation of study programs;
Encouraging the mobility of teachers, associates and students;
Organizing joint study programs with foreign higher education institutions;
Increasing the number of applications and projects received from EU funds

The full text of the university development strategy can be downloaded here

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