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Academician, Rector, Prof. dr. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić held an inspirational lecture at Kaunas University, Vilnius University, Lithuania

predavanje rektor litvanija 6.9.2017Continuing an academic visit to the Kaunas Faculty, Vilnius University, and at the Dean's invitation, Assoc. Prof. Dr Kęstutis Driaunysa, leading of the IUT delegation, on Wednesday, 6 September 2017,  rector of  International University Travnik, the Academician, Prof. Dr Ibrahim Jusufranić held a lecture for students and academic staff of Kaunas Faculty, Vilnius University, Lithuania.

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The topic of lecture, specially prepared for this academic visit, was presented for the first time and it was " Capital in the twenty first century - Development up to date during long period of time and forecasting". After introductory speeches and presentation of the IUT rector by the side of Vice Dean, Prof. Dr. Jadvyga Krūminienė, Akademik, Rector, Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić realized the aforementioned lecture focusing on the question of distribution of wealth in the modern world presented through research, analysis, vision and suggestions of the most esteemed global economic expert - Thomas Piketty, with the presentation of the ideas and visions of Adam Smith, Thomas Maltus, Arthur Young, David Ricardo and Karl Marx, as eminent thinkers/speculators and economists of their time who were also focused on the problem of distribution of wealth.

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In the hall filled up to the last place, with an introduction of the topic in English language, and an active interaction realized through asked questions from present students and academic staff  and answers by the side of  rector Jusufranić, even on this occasion the International University Travnik was presented  in the more than successful way by contributing to a clear and more than obviously positively accepted academic image of our university in the world of higher education institutions of the European Union.

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Academician, Rector, Prof. dr. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić doing this also became the academic ambassador of the IUT, the Middle Bosnia Canton and the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, showing positive academic guidance given by the IUT Senate and his own, that has been also already realized by the side of our professors and lecturers at universities throughout Europe and the World.

Here you can download PP presentations from the shot presentation of IUT and the lecture as well:

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