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International University Travnik is an official partner of the International Festival "Business Triumph and European Awards Night" organized by the European Business Assembly (EBA) from Oxford, United Kingdom

Within the organization of the European Business Assembly (EBA), on 6 and 7 October 2017 in Cannes, France will be held the International Festival "Business Triumph and Night of European Awards", and the official partner of the International Festival is, as a regular and long-term member, the International University Travnik, from Travnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On the official EBA Global Facebook status on 25 August 2018, the VIP Program Coordinator of the Festival, Miss Anastasia Mallwil presented the partnership between the IUT and the EBA within the organization of this International Festival.

eba iut 1During the International Festival will be organized a panel discussion on inspiring business success, featuring companies and higher education institutions, regional winners with examples of successful implementation of business ideas. On this occasion, the "Queen of Victoria" award will be presented within a successful - socially responsible business through dialogue among scientists, philanthropists, charitable organization, people from the world of culture and art. Will be handed over also the international awards "Business Excellence of the Year", "Business Success" and "Business Leader of the Year".

As of 25.8.2017 on the mentioned social network is presented also the

International University Travnik

eba iut 2During the most important event and award ceremony of the Festival, this renowned scientific and business international gathering will also be addressed by the Academician, Rector, Prof. dr. Dr. Ibrahim Jusufranić, who will speak on behalf of the partner of the International Festival, the International University Travnik about the successfully realized course of excellence of the university development over the past ten years which today, as an accredited university in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also as an internationally recognized, shaped form of higher orientation,  through the implementation of academic and professional programs in different fields of science within seven faculties, enriches and affirms the highest educational standards - learning, evaluation and application of the knowledge.

Based on the contemporary tendencies of development opportunities and remaining open to new ideas, IUT's educational and scientific programs are a powerful instrument of communication and interaction with other educational institutions both in the region and within the European and world educational frameworks. Through its slogan "For the life full of possibilities" IUT meets all needed criterions for the higher educational institution which focuses on the development of skills and knowledge needed for survival within the new world of XXI century modern technologies and to overcome the challenges of the development of contemporary societies within the modern world.



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