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Development strategy


Activities on the creation of strategic development of the International University Travnik in Travnik will be based on the following projections:

  1. International University Travnik will continue to implement quality and effective education on all levels of academic study. Education at the IUT in Travnik should be directed to the flexible methodologies of learning and lifelong education in accordance with the needs of the community, the economy and society;
  2. International University Travnik has scientific - research profile and structured scientific activity in the field of natural, social and technical sciences. IUT should continue institutional care for the development of scientific research careers with increased scientific production;
  3. International University Travnik should become an institution with a high level of organization and responsibility which comes to the fore the talent and ability of each individual to be in transparent processes equally competitive both in CBC, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union;
  4. International University Travnik should be included in economic and community development, and guide the transition to a knowledge society;
  5. International University should be actively involved in the European Research Area (ERA) and European Higher Education Area (EHEA), and it should encourage systemic and organized internal and external mobility of their teachers (scientists) and students.


The main tasks until 2017 are:

  • Establishment of post graduate and specialized studies in the scientific fields of natural, social and technical sciences;
  • Achieving the availability of at least 10 scientifically qualified and internationally recognized mentors in scientific fields of law, ecology, transport, economics, logistics, media and communications.
  • Completing intellectual resources to obtain a prerequisite for the conducting of elections in scientific-teaching vocation of the scientific domains of social, natural and technical sciences;
  • Establishment of the study program "Media and Communications", new study directions at the Faculty of Economic and technical logistics and new study directions in the Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering.
  • Establishing study program "Law".
  • Improving the criteria and evaluation model of achieved results;
  • Realization and optimization of the adopted study programs in all studies, and achieving compatibility with other European universities;
  • The introduction of education programs for new vocations and professions;
  • Continuous development of existing and establishment of new scientific laboratories;
  • Adopting new knowledge and suppression of obsolete;
  • Involvement in ISVU system and its functioning at all levels;
  • Scientific and professional development of teachers (scientists) with a special emphasis on the training of young researchers, through a system of scientific trainees (assistants). Accomplish the relationship teacher / assistant, the ratio 1/1;
  • Encourage continuous education of teachers, assistants, and technical and administrative staff;
  • Faster acceptance of new trends in education, development and introduction of new models of education, and creating an environment and a climate of success and high expectations;
  • Encouraging a scientific research work and projects especially for international projects and cooperation;
  • Encouraging cooperation with economy sector with the help of graduate students;
  • Enabling active status of students, the development of freedom of expression, and creativity;
  • Organizing and implementation of lifelong education for engineers, scientists, and others.
  • Continuous searching for more efficient models and new sources of funding with the aim of reconciliation of market orientation and needs for excellence in results;
  • Encouraging cooperation of IUT in Travnik with other institutions in the country and the world - in the areas of education, science and economy;
  • Continuous and targeted action in narrower and wider public, strengthening social impact with the aim to achieve excellence of employees, profession, product (graduates, ....) and services at IUT in Travnik;
  • Popularization of the International University Travnik in Travnik, academic units (faculties) and its activities by informing the general public and all economic and social activities with which the IUT could cooperate;
  • Nurturing the modest tradition (IUT with its organizational units exists since 2006) and academic achievements of the past period of higher education;
  • Creating a registry of graduates of the University - Faculty (Alumni) since its foundation;
  • Creating a new website of the International University Travnik in Travnik with transparent content of academic entities (faculties and other services).